Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency (RF) combined with microneedling to tighten sagging skin, reinforce underlying structure and builds new collagen for a more youthful appearance, results are seen immediately and improve over 4 weeks, results are seen with one treatment but impressive results seen with 2-3 treatments, results last 8 months to two years!


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Morpheus8 services we offer:

upper face, brow and lid lift

lower lid and mid face lift

lip, chin and jowl lift

neck lift 

chest and breast skin tightening 

stomach sagging correction

acne scar revision

stretch mark revision

upper knee skin tightening

hand rejuvenation 

non invasive labia skin tightening

pore refinement

prices start at $650.00

extra area only $350.00/up to 3 areas

Votvia is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure utilizing bipolar radiofrequency (RF) to dramatically improve external and internal vaginal laxity. Votiva is a non-surgical, pain-free way to address: esthetic appearance, enhanced intimacy, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and muscle tone. 


  votiva treatments we offer:

   Internal vaginal rejuvenation

    External labia tightening

Pelvic Floor Strengthening 

prices start at $700.00

Other Services 

chemical peels


plant stem cell masks


RF 30 min tone

Lymphatic Detox massage

ultrasonic skin cleanse and tone

Light Therapy

prices start at $125.00

combined treatments receive 20% off

all clients receive personal 24/7 skin education and support


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